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Brian Macdonald

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Brian Macdonald

::Daily Spread::10.4.13::


Today’s reading tells us that what we need most right now is change. Change will help us to begin new projects as well as leave old problems behind. Make a conscious effort to do things differently today. Change your activities. Change your location. Change the people who are around you. This could be because we have exhausted the resources that are currently available to us and a change of scenery will help expand our opportunities. It could also be that the circles we’re currently moving in are getting us nowhere. Try putting yourself in a situation that isn’t your norm and see what shakes out.

::Daily Spread::10.2.13::


Don’t let hopes and desires for the outcome of a new project blind you to the possible snares. A positive attitude is wonderful, and necessary for success, but blind optimism could leave you vulnerable right now. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s. Be wary of those who might not want to see you succeed out of jealousy. Stay confident and thorough.

::Daily Spread::9.25.13::


That which has been a comfort to you has also become what is holding you back. Your acceptance of things as they are because that’s how they’ve been for so long can be preventing you from moving forward. Look for ways to change your daily routine to allow for progress rather than stagnation. The Ace of Swords reminds us that sometimes it is necessary to cut things out or prune things out to make way for something new. Don’t let comfort and familiarity become an excuse to not make changes.

::Daily Spread::9.19.13::


Todays reading warns us against being overly cautious because we might end up being the cause of our own trouble as a result. By focusing on avoiding problems you’ve previously experienced you might blind yourself to new potential problems. More than that, you might blind yourself to the opportunities and possibilities for success that are before you. Focus on going forward, even if it feels uncomfortable. You can’t see the path before you if you keep looking back.

::Daily Spread::9.11.13::


The odds are in your favor today. New projects will lead to success and your endeavors will really get your motor running again. You’re in a good position to receive support from others and your ideas will be met with positive response. If you’ve been thinking about or working on a new project, today would be a good day to start talking about it. The feedback you get today will help boost your confidence and drive you forward. Take advantage of all this positivity.

::Daily Spread::9.9.13::


You might have been successful doing things a certain way in the past, but this time your best bet will be to try it a new way. Old methods and ideas might slow you down, so take what worked well for you and add some new innovation. Acting out old routines will not only bring you less success, but you will also run the risk of getting bored with it. Start fresh, even if it seems like the same old thing.


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